Cogmed Working Memory Training


Whether you have trouble focusing in class, remembering daily tasks, or listening to discussions in large crowds, your working memory deserves the attention of Cogmed.

Since 2001, the science of Cogmed has been helping people worldwide cope with working memory challenges associated with age, attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities, and just the information overload of everyday life. Based on the concept of neuroplasticity – the brain's ability to reorganize and change its capabilities to adjust to new challenges – Cogmed solutions are not only improving working memory, but also the way we live and learn.

Designed by neuroscientists and attested by an impressive body of peer-reviewed scientific research, Cogmed's innovative web-based program trains all aspects of an individual's working memory – the process by which the brain retains, refreshes and integrates information in short-term memory – allowing for sustained focus, resistance to distraction, effective memory encoding, and the ability to work with multiple pieces of information while doing complex tasks. Working memory is one of the most critical cognitive capacities we have, influencing nearly everything we do. Cogmed's five-week home-based cognitive training program delivers a series of daily exercises that equip children, young people and adults with the working memory capacity they need to achieve success in all walks of life. As you progress through the program, you will be encouraged and assisted by your very own Cogmed coach—a personal trainer for your mind! But geography doesn't matter, because the coaching and training are done entirely online.

    The program meets you right where you are, in the comfort of your home, school or office and offers three streams of training:

  • Cogmed JM for preschoolers
  • Cogmed RM for school-aged children
  • Cogmed QM for adults.

Give yourself or your loved one the gift of better attention and working memory. Contact us today to experience the benefits of Cogmed Working Memory Training. 

    Research trials show these benefits include:

  • Ability to work independently while resisting distraction
  • Improved problem-solving, math skills, memorization and reading skills
  • Ability to grasp new concepts and information easily
  • Increased focus and attention capabilities

To learn more, see the Cogmed website here.

Choratech is a Cogmed Qualified Practice

Tips & Tricks

Explore your world - travelling to new locations requires you to focus more on your environment and adapt to different situations and challenges. Your brain develops with every geographic adventure.


I found my program challenging at times but I persevered and am very happy that I did. By the end of the program I felt I had made significant improvement in my working memory and ability to remain focused and on task.