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Classrooms are busy, fast-paced environments. Increasing cognitive functioning empowers students of all ages to succeed in their academic pursuits, and to enhance every aspect of their lives where mental sharpness is needed. These are exciting times: where it was once thought that a student's cognitive abilities were fixed and unchangeable – for better or worse – it's now clear that critical cognitive functions can be improved through focused training.

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    Choratech's solutions strengthen the fundamental brain operations that support the learning process, helping students develop greater attentional capacity, focus and comprehension.
    Choratech has a range of customized programs that increase learning capacity for students by improving information processing, attention and memory skills. Among these is neurofeedback, an evidence-based method of training the brain to regulate itself more effectively, with results ranging from increased attentional focus to better fine-motor skills, reading comprehension, and math performance. Social skills, emotional self-control, and classroom behavior also benefit from the effects of neurofeedback, whether the diagnosis is ADHD, LD, ODD, ASD, or any of the other "D"s. Neurofeedback is directly targeted at the individual's own brain physiology, as measured reliably through quantitative electroencephalography. Students also benefit from evidence-based cognitive training, completed and individually coached over the internet.

    A brain that is no longer overwhelmed by academic work is one that achieves at a higher level – and its owner learns to enjoy study, rather than dreading and avoiding it. We work with children, teenagers and post-secondary students, helping them become lifelong learners on the road to success.

    Tips & Tricks

    Sleep is one of the most important ways to improve your memory and consolidate learning. A full night of uninterrupted sleep also provides more energy and patience the following day, helping you concentrate better and therefore absorb more information.