Live well. Be well.


Life these days can be pretty hard on us. Young or old, we live in a time of many demands, expectations, and pressures. Our surroundings are jam-packed with information, and we have to sift through much more of it than we ever did before, despite all of our technology—or maybe because of it! At the same time, we notice that life lacks the quiet rhythms it used to have, and we have less contact with the natural frameworks that used to help people cope—frameworks provided by family, by community, by systems of belief.

Some of us are naturally more equipped to handle stress than others, but we all feel its effects in one way or another. Psychologically, we may struggle with feelings of anxiety, depression or anger, feelings that can become unruly and difficult to manage. Or, we may develop addictive habits that rob us of our freedom. Physically, stress can lead to problems such as immune disorders, heart disease, chronic pain, asthma, headaches, and gastrointestinal problems.

PositiveAll of these problems reflect brain/body systems whose resources are overtaxed by the challenges with which they’re faced. At Choratech we can help ease the burden by strengthening your brain’s ability to manage stress and regulate itself and the rest of the body. We’ll measure your nervous system’s state of regulation using digital tools that compare your physiology to what’s typical for a healthy person your age. Using this information, we’ll custom-design interventions such as neurofeedback or heart-rate variability biofeedback to help restore the balance and give you a renewed sense of energy, vitality, and control. With our knowledge of clinical psychology, we can also provide you with input on changes that you should make in your life, and how to go about making them.

Body and Soul.

Philosophers from every age have probed the distinctions between ourselves as thinking, experiencing beings on the one hand, and ourselves as embodied entities on the other.

Although these philosophical distinctions are beyond the scope of science, what science has made clear over the years is that the mind and the body are intimately linked together, so much so as to be practically inseparable. All, or nearly all, of our experiences and actions are reflected somehow in the activity of our brain. Things we do with our mind (e.g., attitudes, choices, beliefs, emotions) can have profound effects not only on the brain, but on the body as a whole. Similarly, our physical, bodily state can powerfully influence how we feel and how we experience the world around us. 

At Choratech we recognize the tight linkage between body and mind, and take a view of the human person as a complex, mutually interacting interplay of psychology and physiology, of experience and action, of body, mind, and, yes, soul.