Peak Performance through Enhanced Brain Function

Don't just reach your potential. Extend it.

You're working at the top of your field, or making your way there. You've got some talent, yes, but you learned long ago that it takes hard work and innovative thinking to translate talent into success. You've invested everything into being the best you can be, whether in sports, the arts, or business. You know that to succeed you have to take what you've already got and hone it, sharpen it, push it to new levels. You've done it physically, through long hours of perseverance. You've worked on your mental game, too, adopting strategies and attitudes that keep you moving forward.

Now there's another way of doing it. It's mental, but it's not about strategies, tips, or techniques. It's about capacity. Here's another way to put it: you can work on mechanics, how you use your strength, or you can increase the strength. Choratech solutions don't leverage mental capacity by teaching techniques or strategies. That's good stuff, but it's not what we do. What we do is increase the capacity. A more efficient brain. Better memory. Better concentration. More insight. More creativity.

Visual Memory Challenge

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ability to concentrate and recall information on
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Simply study the photo, paying attention to as many details as possible. Then answer a series of questions about the image you have just seen. Try to correctly answer as many questions as possible in 60 seconds. 

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Want to know some of the things we can do?

  • We can increase concentration, decrease forgetfulness and increase complex reasoning ability through working memory training.
  • We can improve your focus and motor control through neurofeedback protocols that have been the subject of published research with surgical residents and stage actors.
  • We can make you more resilient to stress and reduce your anxiety using heart rate variability biofeedback.
  • We can open up new avenues of creativity and imaginativeness, through the use of neurofeedback protocols demonstrated in scientific research on top-level musicians.

We can do any of these things with you. Or all of them. It depends on just how far out you want to push your limits. Contact us today to learn more.


I found my program challenging at times but I persevered and am very happy that I did. By the end of the program I felt I had made significant improvement in my working memory and ability to remain focused and on task.