Think, focus and remember like a much younger person.

Leaving the keys in the door, struggling to remember people's names, or forgetting what was on your shopping list? Even from our early twenties, our capacity for concentration and memory diminishes steadily, in a way we really start to notice after we've passed, ahem, a certain age. We don't necessarily feel older, but we sure do notice those little slips along the way.

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ability to concentrate and recall information in this
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Simply study the photo, paying attention to as many details as possible. Then answer a series of questions about the image you have just seen. Try to correctly answer as many questions as possible in 60 seconds. 

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As in so many other things, stimulation and exercise are critical to maintaining mental sharpness. No matter what your age, exercising both your brain and your body is the best way to maintain your mental focus and clarity. Scientific data indicate that a sharper and more focused mind leads to a higher quality of life and increased vitality in the senior years. Not only that, studies have shown that certain intensive forms of cognitive training are able to take an older brain and make it resemble a much younger brain: better ability to concentrate, fewer cognitive slips, and improved recall.

The team at Choratech can help you challenge your brain in new ways, to rebuild your memory and sharpen your mental edge. Our individually tailored programs strengthen your mind so you can enjoy life and all its experiences at the top of your game. After all, you've still got a lot you want to accomplish!

Tips & Tricks

Relax! Chronic stress and anxiety produce physical damage to your brain, leading to impairments in concentration and memory. Taking it a little easier and being kind to yourself and others may help your brain to do more, even with a little less time.


I began to notice that I could sit and read the newspaper and books without losing my concentration and could remember what I had read. My problem-solving skills also improved significantly.