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New focus on ADHD: Neurofeedback

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Neurofeedback is a research-proven method for improving attention and self-regulation in both children and adults, without medication and with permanent (or at least indefinitely lasting) results. It’s essentially a means of training the brain to produce the patterns of electrical activity that go along with sharp focus and self-containment. It’s one of the solutions we offer at Choratech, based on an individualized analysis of the brain’s electrical activity. ┬áTake a look at this well-done video from the Netherlands that discusses the issues around attention problems, medications, and the potential of neurofeedback:

Neurofeedback is actually effective for many things besides attention problems: it can decrease anxiety, improve mood in cases of depression, take away migraine headaches, and much more besides. Research has even shown that it can improve artistic aspects of musical performance and make surgeons work faster and with higher quality. It all depends on the location of the training, and which parts of the EEG frequency band are being targeted.