About Choratech

At Choratech we're dedicated to providing customized cognitive training and biofeedback programs for people of all ages and stages of life. Psychologist Dr. Philip Toman created Choratech to help people maximize their potential and address a variety of challenges by improving the function of that all-important organ, the brain. Our vision is to provide professional support and effective applications of current research in cognitive science and neuroscience, to enhance your mind and life. 

    In ancient Greek, the word chora (χωρα) translates to mean "an open space or region." The related word choreo (χωρέω) means "to make a space, make room to receive or hold something" or "to advance or proceed". Our name reflects our mission of using neuroscience-based tools to expand and enlarge the space, the time, and even the actual neural tissue within which cognitive processing can be carried out, thus removing barriers and allowing for greater success in living.

Founded by Dr. Toman in 2008, Choratech is the premier centre for cognitive and emotional fitness in Southwestern Ontario. We offer innovative solutions that increase mental capacity, giving clients increased mental clarity, agility and focus, as well as helping them manage stress and ameliorating cognitive and emotional problems.

Tips & Tricks

Reading a new book, visiting new places, trying new foods, learning to play a musical instrument, or best, learning a new language: these are all activities that promote brain fitness.


I felt compelled to provide feedback on my experience with the program because it helped me tremendously and I believe it can help others. I feel it was instrumental, in combination with my sessions with Dr. Toman, in my recovery.